April 26, 2022

Trinity Introduces Advanced Mobile Floorplan Sketching Solution, Redefining Desktop Appraisals

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Trinity Introduces Advanced Mobile Floorplan Sketching Solution, Redefining Desktop Appraisals

DALLAS, Texas (April 12, 2022) – Trinity Real Estate Solutions®, a nationwide provider of draw inspections, construction loan administration solutions, field services, and appraisal services, announces the launch of a revolutionary floorplan sketching solution, designed to increase reliability and consistency in the appraisal process.

Working with lenders, Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac®, the appraiser community and appraisal management companies (AMCs), this comprehensive solution captures high-fidelity floorplans with ANSI-aligned standards for calculating digital gross living area (GLA), high resolution photos, and a pdf-based home report, all via a mobile device. Using Trinity’s nationwide network of background-checked inspectors, the floorplan sketch and property report can be confidently completed in minutes, expediting the fulfillment of desktop appraisals.

“With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s recent acceptance of desktop appraisals to their guide of solutions, this floorplan sketching service efficiently automates the appraisal process,” notes Brad Meyer, CEO and President, Trinity Real Estate Solutions. “At Trinity, we are continuously seeking ways to serve our customers more effectively, and this solution meets and exceeds lenders’ needs, allowing them to process loans faster while maximizing their productivity.”

Traditionally an extremely labor-intensive task, Trinity’s solution offers an innovative, fully digital solution, eliminating possible discrepancies and inconsistencies because of manually keying in data from paper sources.

Mr. Meyer continues, “Trinity’s experienced, background checked panel of field inspectors offers nationwide coverage, translating into broad scalability. Lenders using Trinity’s or their existing appraiser panel or AMC can complete the desktop appraisal reliably with all the necessary property data.”

For more information on Trinity, please visit www.trinityonline.com.

About Trinity Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
Trinity Real Estate Solutions is a national provider of residential and commercial construction lending services, fund control, draw inspections, field services, broker price opinions, consulting services, appraisals, and specialty inspections. Its products are designed to mitigate risk and provide onsite property assessments. Founded in 2003, Trinity has grown from one company in a specialized industry to five companies today – Trinity Inspection Services®, Trinity Commercial Services®, Trinity Field Services®, Trinity Appraisal Services®, and Trinity Loan Administration® -- operating nationwide in the banking, mortgage lending, credit card and insurance industries. Trinity partners with more than 10,000 field appraisers, inspectors, and brokers, serving small, regional, and national customers in all 50 states.

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