Draw Administration Services

Need a hand with your construction loan draw process? That’s where we come in! Trinity acts as a seamless extension of your team, expertly handling the details so you can focus on what you do best. We'll be your link between borrowers, contractors, builders and owners, making sure everything runs smoothly. Plus, we've got your back when it comes to reconciling past disbursements, tracking new progress, and following lender directives. We even offer flexible options for keeping tabs on lien waivers and draw documentation, and we handle permit checks and occupancy validation. And let's not forget about budget monitoring and handling any scope of work adjustments or change orders that pop up. With us on your side, you're set for success.

Draw Admin Details

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Property Information Report

Manage your construction projects with confidence using our Property Information Reports. We provide a streamlined and intuitive summary of the property, from the legal description to up-to-date information about liens, taxes, mortgages and judgments, and furnish crucial tax information, inclusive of entities and payments. Our reports deliver clear insights into both the borrower and the project so you can stay one step ahead in risk mitigation.

Property Report Info

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Builder Information Report

When you’re trying to assess risk prior to a loan closing, it’s invaluable to have a straightforward, comprehensive report of critical builder data. For our Builder Information Reports, we use a quantitative scoring system to assess potential strengths and weaknesses, conduct thorough reference checks, verify all required licensing, and check W-9s and insurance documentation. The goal is to provide an objective third-party assessment of the builder, offering an unbiased perspective that empowers you to make informed decisions and implement effective mitigation strategies prior to loan closing.

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Permit Validation Report

Get unparalleled clarity around your project’s permit status with our Permit Validation reports. These comprehensive reports offer crucial insights into the permit application and approval process, available at your fingertips throughout the construction lifecycle. We include third-party verification with local municipalities and copies of local permits and associated inspections supplied by the authorities to ensure credibility and accuracy. Thanks to this complete view of your project’s compliance status, you can successfully navigate the complexities of permitting. 

Permit Validation Info

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Collateral Assessment Report

The financing process can be rocky, but you don’t have to go it alone. Trinity’s Collateral Assessment Reports are the best way to identify potential funding issues and discrepancies with your construction projects before they become roadblocks. Our team will thoroughly evaluate appraisals, project plans, title commitments, and restrictive covenants in an exhaustive review of your project documentation. We meticulously scrutinize your budget, identifying potential front-loading and commonly overlooked line items so you can invest with confidence.

Collateral Report Info

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