Credit Unions

After decades of working with credit unions, we know firsthand that your members are your top priority.  At Trinity, we're here to support your values and help you build those all-important relationships, as well as cement a reputation in your community for being fast, fair, and easy to work with.

In the same way that you’re more than a bank to your members, we’re more than a service provider — we’re a trusted partner to our clients, delivering the guidance they want alongside tried-and-true construction lending services and the quickest turn times in the business so you can deliver even better member experiences and benefits.

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At Trinity, we understand that in the banking industry, scalable and compliant solutions are essential. That’s why we support our hands-on account management and decades of experience with rigorous security, consistent policies and billing practices, and robust insurance. Our seasoned team verifies every single report to make sure it's accurate before we send it your way.

We're not just here to provide a service — we're your partner, committed to reducing risk and enhancing reliability. Our secure yet easy-to-use cloud-based software lets you take control of your portfolio while eliminating tedious manual tasks, improving customer experiences as well as your team’s efficiency. We're always looking for ways to innovate and streamline our systems, giving you the competitive edge you need. 

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Private Lenders

In private lending, speed and convenience are non-negotiable. You have investors to answer to, and anything that can make the experience more seamless also makes your organization more profitable. In short, you need a partner who can keep up, and we're here to help streamline your construction lending processes and mitigate risk across your entire portfolio.

Our nationwide network of inspectors provides coast-to-coast coverage so you can grow quickly, while our cutting-edge technology means you'll see blazing fast turn times and precise, consistent reporting and pricing. Not only do we maintain standard processes and standards for everything our inspectors deliver, but we recheck every report for accuracy before it goes out. Think of us as your trusted support team, keeping a close eye on everything so you can keep moving forward.

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Third-Party Services

Real estate lending isn’t only about lenders, of course — we work with a range of other third-party services supporting the construction industry. Trinity often partners with fund control and title companies, developers, architects monitoring large-scale projects, and other companies that offer boutique support for lenders.

Our carefully-vetted network of 40,000 inspectors gives you the nationwide coverage you need to scale your business. Outsource the pieces you don’t want to handle in house, from back-office functions to the budget reviews, feasibility reviews, and inspections required to move projects forward. You focus on what you’re great at, and we’ll handle the rest.

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