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When you’re exploring new options for draw inspections and other construction lending field services, the last thing you need is to navigate confusing subscription models and complicated onboarding processes. With Trinity, you can get started today with no commitment and no set-up fees — and most importantly, clear, predictable pricing that’s consistent nationwide.

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Predictable, on-demand pricing

For lenders, predictability is key — but that doesn’t mean you’re willing to sacrifice the flexibility you need to move quickly on each new project. With our free, cloud-based web app, you can get same-day access to all of the field services you need at predictable, nationwide per-inspection rates. Pricing is clearly defined in our platform for each service and property type, and rates are consistent regardless of where in the country your project is located.

Order as many or as few inspections as you need; unlike some of our competitors, you don’t have to commit your whole portfolio or sign an exclusivity agreement. Just pay for what you request, with no need for a big contract or long-term agreement. Get started in just a day, without any set-up fees or a complicated onboarding process. Our platform is built to be intuitive and easy to use, so you can see value immediately. 

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Custom solutions available

For many clients, our predictable on-demand pricing is only the beginning. Once you’ve seen the quality of work and experienced the convenience of our nationwide network of inspectors, you can take things a step further and explore custom pricing at scale.

Every lender portfolio is unique, requiring a different suite of field services to meet the needs of a specific customer base. Our team will work with you to tailor a pricing model to your portfolio and the types of projects you fund. Not only can this reduce fees, but also dramatically improve your efficiency and compliance. Better yet, we can do it in a way that saves money for consumers and increases your competitiveness in your market.

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Over our nearly decade-long partnership, Trinity has consistently provided exceptional service. Their recent streamlined billing option has really aided our accounting team and saved our borrowers money. Trinity also helps us deliver excellent customer service to our borrowers, enhancing our own reputation!
Megan Scott
Megan Scott, Construction Loan Department Manager, GMFS Mortgage

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