Mitigate Risk

In the inherently uncertain world of construction investing, managing your risk is an essential part of sustainable success. Trinity’s range of solutions is specifically designed to help you do exactly that, and our dedicated account managers leverage our nearly two decades of national expertise for you and your portfolio. We’re committed to giving you the tools, strategies, and guidance to mitigate your risk with confidence.

Our approach is built on objective third-party quality control, ensuring that the inspector-contractor relationship is free from bias or favoritism. We use apples-to-apples assessments, guaranteeing consistent evaluation parameters across 40,000+ inspectors in every region of the country. Our compliance systems meet SOC2 standards, safeguarding your data to the highest standards of security.

Our robust insurance coverage and professional support resources provide a safety net that extends far beyond the capabilities of a solitary inspector. When it comes to managing the financial risk associated with your investments, we offer more than just reassurance—we provide strategic leadership and expert solutions.

A construction worker looks at plans in a partially-constructed building.

Scale with Better Coverage

Scaling your construction loan operations business is difficult when your team’s capacity and expertise are limited. It helps to have a strategic partner with the breadth and depth of expertise to handle any project, anywhere. At Trinity, our professional network spans all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, boasting over 40,000 rigorously vetted inspectors to ensure that your project — be it a small residential remodel or large commercial construction — is executed with precision and efficiency.

Maybe there’s an essential function your team just can’t support, like loan administration — you can confidently delegate this crucial task to our dedicated loan administration team. If covering a diverse range of needs is the challenge, we can handle a number of ancillary services like disaster inspections, so you have everything you need to effectively manage your projects under one reliable roof.

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Control Costs

In construction lending, the key to managing costs is predictability. When each project involves working with a different independent inspector in each area, it’s nearly impossible to keep expenses consistent, and therefore to efficiently keep the costs you pass along to your borrowers compliant. Moreover, many solutions to this problem involve additional costs, like expensive software or digital tools that charge to integrate with your current system.

At Trinity, our nationwide network of 40,000+ inspectors follows a consistent standard for pricing as well as performance and reporting, so you reliably quote costs and be confident in your profitability and compliance. Our prices are based on delivering the greatest value for the cost, so you can offer competitive products alongside market-leading service.

A construction worker takes a measurement in a partially-framed building.

Expedite Processes

In the complex world of construction investing, manual processes can require significant administrative overhead, tedious data entry, and frustrating delays. That's why Trinity has invested heavily in our proprietary system, which is designed to help you optimize your lending processes, providing rapid matches to the inspectors you need, anywhere in the country. We've streamlined quality control so you can focus on what you do best, leaving the details to us.

Our commitment to your efficiency is reflected in our market-leading turn times for inspections, ensuring your projects stay on schedule and funds are disbursed promptly. And to make sure your needs are met, we provide customized support through a dedicated account manager who understands your business inside and out. 

A man in a vest and hard hat inspects the inside of a skylight.

Digital Efficiencies

Every industry has been revolutionized by digital solutions, and construction lending is no different — but many lenders are struggling to find solutions that work for them. Trinity’s innovative cloud-based web application gives our clients free access to the tools they need to manage their portfolios anytime, anywhere.

With no setup fees or extensive onboarding processes, you can hit the ground running. Our software is designed with the option to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems; we have active integrations with many leading loan management platforms, and we’re constantly expanding our partnerships. If you use proprietary software, we also offer direct integrations via our API. When you work with Trinity, you can trust that our team will help you take full advantage of all of the digital tools we offer to make your lending process more efficient.

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