Clear Lot Inspections

Clear lot inspections uncover any current or prior construction activity on a site before the loan closing process, so you can avoid complications from pre-existing liens and reduce your financial risk. When you work with Trinity, we will verify the property location, provide photos of the property and any materials or activity on the site, and detailed documentation of any activity, so you can be confident that your plans can move forward without issues.

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Construction inspector going through inspection on site.

Insurance Repair Report

Insurance-funded repairs ensure your collateral holds its value, but quality verification can be difficult. With Trinity’s insurance repair reports, you can be confident that assets remain intact and any funded repairs are completed.

These detailed reports improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your draft loss process. Each report includes high-quality labeled photos, line-item and asset-level insights, and the percentage complete according to the terms of the claim. Confidently track and manage repairs, leveraging our decades of expertise and nationwide inspector network to stay on top of your mortgage lending portfolio.

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Construction worker looking through site with clipboard.

Site Inspections

Our detailed Site Inspection Reports provide an in-depth analysis of the property, from physical building characteristics to market area observations. Leveraging our extensive nationwide coverage, we assess factors like potential environmental concerns and proximity to airports and attractions, giving you a complete picture of your investment. With 24/7 online ordering and tracking capabilities, our services are designed for your convenience and peace of mind. Our commitment to efficiency ensures a swift turnaround time of 2-3 days. Trust us to deliver the insights you need, when you need them, facilitating informed decision-making and supporting the success of your real estate portfolio.

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A man in a vest and hard hat inspects the inside of a skylight.

Disaster Inspections

When disaster strikes, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Swift and efficient disaster inspections become essential for lenders to assess the extent of the damages. Trinity provides banks and lenders with Disaster Inspection Reports designed to help you mitigate risk, protect your collateral, and pinpoint problems effectively and rapidly. Our network of 40,000 vetted inspectors means we can quickly deliver multiple inspections across impacted zones, so you can make timely, informed decisions in times of crisis. In addition to providing comprehensive property photos to document the extent of damage, we offer detailed reports on the condition of the surrounding neighborhood, so you have a broader understanding of how an area has been affected. 

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Two workers inspecting a collapsed building.

Project Observation Report

Whether it's a residential or commercial property, in-progress or pre-renovation, our project observation reports provide a reliable solution for getting quick, on-the-ground insights into the status of an existing project. We include an assessment of on-site equipment and/or construction activity, supplemented by interior and exterior labeled photos that identify progress to-date and general condition. With our nationwide network of experts and time-tested processes, you can trust us to deliver precise and timely information, helping you make informed decisions about your portfolio.

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A view from below a partially constructed home looking up at a cloudy sky.