Web Application

Get access to the nation’s leading network of field services in less than a day with Trinity’s free cloud-based web application. It was built to be extremely easy to use, so you can manage all your inspections, reports, and other field services without the hassle of a months-long implementation process — or the frustration of complicated fees or subscription models.

Our innovative platform is designed to streamline your operations, offering powerful tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of everyone from small specialist firms to large lenders with multiple teams.  Access your project information from anywhere, easily share up-to-date records across your whole team, and order inspections and other nationwide field services directly, all through a free platform with unparalleled user support.

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Integrated Software Partners

At Trinity, we're all about delivering best in class, tech-enabled field services. But each lender is unique, from the problems you're solving to the tools you use, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we designed our field services to be flexible and intuitive, and then worked with software partners to build integrations that provide seamless access without sacrificing quality or ease of use. Get the best of both worlds — order the reports you need and manage results within your preferred software, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can rely on the quality inspections from our network.

Our goal is to help you get even more value from your preferred software without disrupting your existing workflow. We’re constantly working on new integrations to enhance your experience, maintain the rhythm of your work, and bring our services directly to your fingertips (and if you need something custom, our tech team can handle that as well). 

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Direct API Integration

If you need a more custom approach, Trinity’s robust API gives you access to the data to build the perfect integration for your software. Our tech team works with everyone from enterprise SaaS platforms to tech-enabled lenders with proprietary portals, helping you incorporate Trinity’s field services however works best for your users.

Thanks to clear documentation and a sandbox environment for testing, you can easily get to a working product more quickly and with fewer bugs — and our collaborative support specialists are there to help build the best possible solutions and troubleshoot any issues that come up.

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