SFR Draw Inspection

Draw inspections are essential to keeping your SFR construction loans on track, but you shouldn't have to deal with the guesswork and inconsistency that often comes along with them. By working with Trinity, you get a national network of inspectors with consistent, reliable standards all across the country — so you can be confident that your inspection reports will be quick, precise, and easy to understand every time.

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Stacks of lumber in front of a single family home in the process of being built.

SFR Budget Reviews

To mitigate your risk and keep your construction loans profitable, you need to make sure new projects are properly scoped and funded. Based on decades of our experience as industry leaders, Trinity's SFR Budget Reviews make sure that all key costs have been identified, funds are sufficient and appropriately allocated, and that your project's cost breakdown aligns with the appraisal and industry trends.

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A smiling man in a blue shirt holds a pencil during a meeting in an office.

SFR Feasibility Reports

Managing the costs of renovation projects can be just as complicated as new construction; that's why SFR feasibility reports are be such an important tool for keeping them on track. Make sure your funding is on track and properly allocate with convenient, detailed, reliable reporting from Trinity.

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An overhead drone view of a large home with the walls framed but the roof not yet in place.