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Builder Information Reports

For construction projects, success or failure often hinges on the expertise of the contractor. Augment your underwriting with an intuitive summary of a builder’s key information, including reference checks, verifications, and a quantitative scoring system, to enable informed risk assessment and mitigation prior to loan closing. 

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What’s included

  • Quantitative scoring system to assess potential strengths/weaknesses

  • Reference checks to screen for competence or character concerns

  • Verification of licensing as required by local municipalities

  • Verification of both W-9 and insurance documentation

  • Overall builder assessment from an objective third party

Nationwide coverage

Working with a national partner like Trinity brings a lot of benefits, both from our unparalleled coverage, infrastructure, and standards, and from our wealth of regional experience. We have the tools and people (40,000 inspectors across all 50 states, in fact) to help you scale your business, whether by expanding your range or giving you time back to focus on new opportunities.

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Cost Effective

It’s a competitive market for lenders and minimizing fees for borrowers can be critical. Trinity relentlessly searches for efficient solutions while not compromising on quality, in order to ensure our partners receive the most bang for the buck possible.

Risk Mitigation

While construction loans present tremendous opportunity for lenders, they can also be fraught with risk. Leverage Trinity’s expertise to identify and mitigate common pain points – both during underwriting and through project execution.


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We believe Trinity distinguishes itself in terms of communication and customer service compared to other inspection companies. Their team exhibits remarkable responsiveness, delivering prompt answers to our inquiries. They always go the extra mile to find solutions for the clients.
Gracee Boots, Head of Operations, Coastal Equity Group

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