April 26, 2022

Trinity Unlocks Residential Construction Lending by Publishing Second Book

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Trinity Unlocks Residential Construction Lending by Publishing Second Book


DENVER, Colorado (October 24, 2017) – Trinity Real Estate Solutions, a leading provider of draw inspections, appraisal services, and construction loan administration, announced the completion and imminent publication of its second book, Introduction to Residential Construction Lending. Announced at the Mortgage Bankers Association annual conference in Denver, this handbook is designed to provide a basic understanding of significant construction lending topics while acting as a powerful resource for extensive training and continuing education for the market as a whole.

“Understanding the industry’s need for comprehensive and quality educational material, we are excited to make it available to our customers as well as the general public,” said Brad Meyer, CEO and President, Trinity Real Estate Solutions. “Trinity is always seeking ways to serve our customers and inspectors more effectively, and with this new guidebook, we believe lending professionals will benefit with opportunities for continued growth, sharpening of skills, and maximized productivity.”

The new publication discusses the definition of a residential loan and how construction loans differ from permanent mortgages in addition to the phases of pre-closing, closing, and post-closing. Appraisals, collateral review, loan processing, and draw inspections are also covered in detail, to name just a few. Scheduled for availability in early December of this year, books will be available through Amazon.com.

Mr. Meyer continues, “At Trinity, it’s our goal to simplify construction lending while giving back and furthering industry knowledge, and we hope this market resource, coupled with our first book “Introduction to Residential Draw Inspections,” will benefit the entire market.”

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