• Experienced. Caring. Devoted.

  • Reducing Risk

    Our mission is simple: to help mitigate risk for you, our customers. Our team analyzes and monitors builders’ progress each step of the way, ensuring loan proceeds are attributed correctly for the collateral of the loan. This builds transparency within your construction portfolio and ultimately, protects your investment.

  • Ensuring Compliance

    Our team possesses the expertise to guide you through the maze of policies, rules and standards. We also ensure your compliance and save you valuable time.

  • Increasing Profitability

    Because of faster turnaround times, Trinity accelerates the time from draw request to disbursement of funds, ultimately reducing overall costs and increasing top-line revenue.

  • Developing Relationships

    Trinity’s philosophy is designed around one guiding principle: to serve our customers beyond their expectations. Our goal is to provide ease of communication and inspire customer loyalty all day, every day through personal customer engagement and real time interactions while being powered within a digital world.


Enhance Your Business and Streamline Your Processes

Whatever your need, Trinity assesses your requirements and recommends the best services from start to finish. We’ll simplify your day-to-day operations, letting you get back to what you do best.

Let us put our knowledge to work for you, today.