Trinity Inspection Services offers expert draw inspection reports, builder reviews, feasibilities, and so much more to help protect your investments and mitiagte your construction lending risk. 

Simplifying Construction Lending and Increasing Your Efficiency

Construction lending can be complicated. Residential properties often involve many parties, including lenders, builders, contractors, surveyors, and so much more.

With so many players, mistakes can easily occur, causing increased risk and substantial liability.

At Trinity, we work hard to minimize your risk. Offering a wide range of construction lending solutions, including expert residential draw inspections, builder reviews and feasibility studies, we work to protect your investments and ensure your security.

The Trinity Difference:
Comprehensive Expertise with Unparalleled Service

Led by a team of accomplished and expert former builders, we understand your unique challenges inside and out. 

Using a wide array of tried-and-true solutions and services – from construction draw inspection reports to construction software* to feasibility assessments to budget reviews – we work with precision and meticulousness to complete your project on time and within budget.

As a business practice, we believe in personal assistance, so you won't find yourself in "voicemail jail." Our dedicated account team answers calls and questions, delivering individualized service.  

Whether financing custom or simple wood-framed, modular, or manufactured residential homes or a wide variety of commercial construction projects, lenders and financial institutions can count on Trinity.

We'd love to help!


Discover our Portfolio of Trinity Inspection Services Today 


Budget Review Report

Trinity's Budget Review Report provides a cost breakdown and appraisal for review.

Property Survey Report

Trinity’s Survey Report includes a survey by a licensed professional surveyor, 24/7 online ordering and tracking, and nationwide coverage.

Builder Information Review Report

Trinity's Builder Information Review Report verifies a builder’s company information, incorporation and business records, OFAC validation, IRS TIN and Social Security Number, the Better Business Bureau rating, Home Builders Association Membership, insurance coverage, references with trade and suppliers, judgment, liens and bankruptcies.

Feasibility Analysis Report

Trinity’s Feasibility Analysis includes an on-site visit by one of our local field inspectors, interior and exterior photos, review by a Construction Management Specialist, 24/7 online ordering and tracking capability, nationwide coverage, and TCL and XML integration.

Collateral Assessment Report

Ensures the building "idea" is sound and offers sufficient costs to support the proposed construction. Trinity is your advocate to mitigate your risk of loss.


Draw Inspection Report

Trinity’s Draw Inspection Report provides estimated completion data based on a visual observation of the project, interior and exterior photos, review by a Construction Management Specialist, XML integration*, 24/7 online ordering and tracking capability. Trinity offers nationwide coverage** and a one-two day turn time, depending on property access. It does not include reviewing the project to determine permits, quality, workmanship, consistency with plans, specifications, code, governmental requirements, boundaries, zoning, or matters related to changes to the scope of the project.

Property Information Report (PIR)

Trinity’s Property Information Report verifies Mechanic Liens, Tax Information, Tax Liens, Legal Judgments, Mortgage Assignments, Legal Description, Current Property Owner, Homeowner Association Liens (optional), and Chain of Title (optional).

Asset Management Products


Our Construction Management Specialists offer the expertise to consult in all areas of the construction process, from new projects to foreclosed and troubled assets. Contact us to learn more about our team and how their experience can help you.

Troubled Asset Management

Troubled Asset Management Services provide services for all areas of new construction, including inactive, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosed projects. As specialists in construction lending services, Trinity evaluates each property, managing the financial impact on partially complete, non-performing properties. Services include: draw inspection reports, project assessment, estimate to complete, engineering report, document retrieval (permits, blueprints) and VIP onsite assessment. 

REO Asset Management

REO Asset Management Services include Online Real Estate Property Listings (see table below for explanation of all potential products), Vacant Property Registration, Property Management, Cash For Keys, Property Preservation, Broker Price Opinion, Drive-by Inspection Report, Occupancy Inspection Report, Property Information Report, Construction Bid Assessments, Environmental Site Assessment, Feasibility Analysis, and Research and Retrieval of County/City Records.

Estimate to Complete Report (ETC)

Trinity’s Estimate to Complete includes detailed estimates of completion for each line item, interior and exterior photos to support all estimates of completion, a review by a Construction Management Specialist, 24/7 online ordering and tracking capability, nationwide coverage, 2-3 day turn time, and TCL and XML integration.

New Construction REO Report

New Construction REO Services include Property Preservation (Lawn and Structure Care,) Broker Price Opinion, Drive-By Inspection Report, and For Sale Coordination.

Site Inspection Report

Trinity’s Site Inspection Report includes a detailed snapshot of the property, physical building characteristics, market area observations including airports and attractions, list of possible environmental concerns, photos of the building and inventory, 24/7 online ordering and tracking capability, nationwide coverage, and 2-3 day turn time.

HUD Compliance Inspection Report

Final and repair compliance inspection reports ensure the mortgage risk in construction stays within acceptable limits. Form 92051 is completed and provided to the lender. 

Enhance Your Business and Streamline Your Processes

Whatever your need, Trinity assesses your requirements and recommends the best solution.

From start to finish, we’ll simplify your day-to-day operations, scale your loan volume and grow your business, letting you get back to what you do best.

Let us put our knowledge to work for you, today.

*Trinity partners and/or integrates with various lenders, data aggregators and construction lending management software providers, including BankLabs, Built Technologies, LendWorks, FNCRabbet, Project Centerline and Renovation Lending

**Remote draw inspections are available to current customers on a limited basis and require pre-approval.