Trinity Field Services offers top tier disaster inspections, exterior and interior site inspections, small business reports, title reports, and other specialty inspections to fit all your needs and help mitigate your risk. 

Helping Lenders Protect Their Investments

In today’s world, lenders, banks, and financial institutions face unprecedented risk.

Whether a property enters bankruptcy, a business misrepresents itself, disaster strikes, or fraudulent activity occurs, you need up-to-date, comprehensive information to protect and secure your portfolios and assets.

Your National Resource for Specialty Inspection Reports - Disaster Inspections, Title Reports, Site Inspections, and More

Having completed nearly 1,000,000 orders, we have the resources and experience to manage specialty inspection reports from coast to coast. Our network of over 10,000 independent field specialists will inspect and certify your properties, reducing your risk and ensuring your security.

Over 400 clients trust Trinity because we treat each property as if it’s our own. Trinity’s unparalleled service, prompt order processing, and comprehensive risk management is second to none. You won’t be disappointed.

Disaster Inspections, Field Services

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Site Inspection Report (Exterior and Interior)

Checks commercial properties for maintenance and market conditions and notes environmental concerns using both interior and exterior inspection reports included with photos

Disaster Inspections/Disaster Inspection Report

Assesses damage observed at a property or its surrounding neighborhood which has experienced severe weather like a hurricane, tornado, mudslide, wildfire or other destructive calamity with photos to support the results

Merchant Site Inspection Report (Exterior and Interior)

Identifies a merchant's core products or services and confirms business legitimacy

Catastrophic Disaster Area Inspection Report (CDAI)

Provides a rough estimate of repairs on the exterior and interior of homes in the case of severe weather while noting damage in a surrounding neighborhood with photos that support the results

Clear Lot Inspection Report

Confirms work of coordinated inspection report which may or may not have begun the day of closing

Cellular Site – Fiber Regeneration Hut Inspection Report

Delivers accurate, up-close, ground-level, exterior information and photos of cellular sites, towers, or fiber regeneration huts

Physical Site Inspection Report

Serves credit reporting providers with industry standard, timely and affordable physical site inspection reports and ensures data is stored or destroyed properly using photos that support the results

Occupancy Inspection Report

Simplifies the task of confirming occupancy while collecting documentation and photos to support the results

Equipment Site Inspection Report

Verifies onsite inventory, complete with photos and model/serial numbers

Insurance Services Inspection Report

Identifies any remaining repairs that may be needed resulting from an insurance claim or a residential property

Enhance Your Business and Streamline Your Processes

Whatever your need, Trinity provides services from start to finish. We’ll simplify your day-to-day operations, scale your loan volume and grow your business, letting you get back to what you do best. Let us put our knowledge to work for you, today.