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Simplifying Construction Lending by Helping Lenders Reduce Risk and Manage Their Loans Efficiently

Construction lending can be complicated. Building a residential or commercial property involves multiple parties, such as lenders, builders, contractors, surveyors, and potentially so many more.

With so many people included, events can go awry, which causes increased risk and substantial liability. To combat this confusion, we work hard to help manage your loans by offering a wide range of construction lending products and services, designed to resolve your issues, protect your investments, and ensure your security.

Meeting Lenders’ Challenges with Comprehensive Expertise

Trinity understands your unique challenges inside and out. Led by a team of accomplished and expert former builders, we use a wide array of tried-and-true solutions and services – from construction draw inspections to construction software to feasibility assessments to budget reviews – all designed for the precise and full completion of the project, on time and within budget.

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Pre-Closing Pre-Closing Services

Solutions that help lenders review and approve all aspects of the construction transaction. This includes budget reviews, construction bid assessment, feasibility analysis, and much more.

Post-Closing Post-Closing Services

Products that walk lenders through the loan closing process. This includes draw inspections, construction software, property inspection reports and quality control inspections.

Asset Management Asset Management Solutions

Services that help lenders’ projects stay on track. These solutions include consulting and engineering services, troubled asset management services and much more.

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