The Mobile App Every Draw Inspector Loves.....

Save Time and Achieve More While on Site...

         Complete Residential and Commercial Draw Inspections (using Form 19) Quickly with One Easy-to-Use Application

The Challenge

We Need a Better Way to Get Work Done...

Draw inspectors are constantly on the go, juggling multiple jobs, projects and tasks. In construction lending, customers need draw inspections completed with faster turnaround times and with more accuracy. Today's world requires inspectors complete more draw inspectons while in the field. Collecting and organizing your photos, data and notes costs inspectors time and money while possibly creating a massive headache. 

The Solution

Introducing TrinityDraw®

-- a More Efficient Way to Complete Your Work While Onsite

Complete residential and commercial draw inspections faster all through a new mobile app.

TrinityDraw lets you upload photos, review line items, and finalize draw reports directly from your device, saving time and letting you achieve more while on-site.

Packed with features, the app allows you to: 

  • Accept New Orders
  • Review Order Instructions for Each Inspection
  • View Directions to the Inspection Site
  • View Relevant Contacts and Documents
  • Send and Receive Comments
  • Upload/Label Photos Easily
  • Add Line Item Percentages
  • And Much More...

The Result

Less Time Behind a Desk -- and Faster Turntimes. 

Work more efficiently, have instant access to your crucial data, and complete more orders. Trinity built TrinityDraw to make your life easier and allow you to complete more Form 19 draw inspections while in the field.  Available for both Apple and Android users, the app can be found in the app store or the GooglePlay store. Download it today!   For more information, download our quick reference guide here or call us at 1-888-573-5025. 

View Our Frequently Asked Questions

TrinityDraw® allows inspectors to save time and achieve more while on site. Using the app, they can complete residential and commercial draw inspections easily and efficiently by uploading photos, reviewing line item, and finalizing reports directly from your iPhone, Android, or iPad.
TrinityDraw® is created for Trinity's national inspectors' panel.
• View, accept and manage your schedule pf planned inspections. • Use your device to take and upload progress photos while in the field. • Map inspection locations to create efficiencies and save time in your day. • Request inspection date changes, if needed. • View contacts, including phone numbers and email addresses for both the borrower and the contractor. • Complete line items and finalize reports directly for each inspection. • Track construction progress and record comments to your order. • Review checklist questions and modify your report before finalizing it. • Upload finalized inspection reports from the field, saving time.
The app can be used on iPhone, Android, or iPad.
Inspectors will need Wi-Fi or cellular service to use the app.
Currently, the TrinityDraw® Mobile Inspections app covers Form 19 (itemized line-item budget - order number begins with "19-") but more will be added in the near future. Other draw inspection orders are viewable only.
Yes, both modes are available to complete orders.
Yes, to do so you will need to turn off "Allow Mobile File Uploads" in the settings. By default, the app automatically uploads data, so turning this function off allows you to return to your inspection and resume work without uploading.
Yes, to do so you will need to turn off "Allow Mobile File Uploads" in the settings. By default, the app automatically uploads data.
No. TrinityDraw® is only available in English currently.
Like other apps in the apps in app store, TrinityDraw® will update automatically when the toggle "Automatic Updates" is selected on your device.