Collateral Assessment Report

Trinity Loan Administration

We Help Lenders Navigate the Construction Loan Development Maze by Reducing Risk and Bringing Assurance to Their Loans

While construction lending is highly profitable and yields excellent profit margins, the total construction loan process itself can be challenging and intricate, let alone risky.

Trinity works with lenders of any size to develop a complete, turnkey construction lending solution to manage your risk and simplify the process.

Designing Your Profitable Construction Lending Program

From firsthand experience, we understand the unique complexities construction lending presents. The key to success is dependent on detailed construction expertise and knowledge to connect all parties, automate the steps, guide the process and manage your risk.

Trinity’s dedicated team offers extensive expertise, a customer-service oriented attitude and a broad spectrum of tools – including draw management automation via cloud-based, technology integration, detailed draw schedules and inspection reports, thorough builder reports, comprehensive lien waivers, and so much more – all designed to provide technological management, quick turnaround times and increased efficiencies.

Our sole purpose is to expertly guide you through your new construction and renovation lending projects seamlessly with one end result -- mitigating risk while scaling your construction loan pipeline.

Check out our robust toolkit of construction lending program services:

Construction Lending Software Construction Lending Software

Connects all parties in real-time collaboration and automates steps within the loan administration process.

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Draw Inspections Draw Inspections

Designed to reduce your risk, provide a speedy draw request process and increase audit compliance. Ultimately, saves you time and money.

Builder Information Builder Information

Assists to assess and know your builder which reduces your risk

Collateral Assessment Report Collateral Assessment Report

Ensures the building "idea" is sound and offers sufficient costs to support the proposed construction. Trinity is your advocate to mitigate your risk of loss.

Property Information Report Property Information Report

Provides comprehensive property lien information in an easy-to-use format to help identify any potential troubled assets.

Uniform Residential Appraisal Report 1004 Uniform Residential Appraisal Report 1004

Evaluates your property and provides the attention-to-detail and expertise for asset and trustworthy appraisal valuation.

Final Inspection (1004d) Final Inspection (1004d)

Delivers the final assessment of the property value to confirm the original appraisal and certify construction is completed, verifying the structure was built to plan.

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