Trinity Inspection Services® - Foundation Survey

Property Survey

Foundation Survey - We understand lawsuits and fines can occur when homes are built over property lines or block municipal easements. Trinity’s Foundation Survey provides the positional data on a foundation frame or after the foundation has been poured and is cured, ensuring the foundation was constructed in the location, and at the correct elevation, authorized in the plot plan or site plan.

Property Survey – Trinity offers nationwide survey services for residential properties: ALTA/ACSM, boundary and foundation. Whether it’s a house location survey or a detail survey (boundaries, easements, and property lines), Trinity handles the ordering and fulfillment process.

Trinity’s Survey services includes:

  • Survey by a licensed professional surveyor
  • 24/7 online ordering and tracking
  • Nationwide coverage

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Need more assistance with a property? Trinity can also assist with an Appraisal and Draw Inspection.

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