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Loan Management Projects

Draw Inspection

A draw inspection is an assessment of a project to determine the appropriate amount of funds to be relinquished in order to complete the work outlined in the building plan. Customers can order and receive inspection reports and photos via the Web, TCL or XML in 24-48 hours.  Trinity’s risk management, inspection forms, customer service and turn times are designed to meet your needs – nationwide.

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Property Information Report (PIR)

Researching lien information and contacting the county takes hours of your time and interrupts your process flow. Trinity can conduct the research, verify the results and have the report to you in less than 72 hours.

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Quality Control Inspection

Trinity’s experience and reputation providing construction lending services makes the company a leader in reviewing other inspection companies draw inspection reports (staff, local, regional or national) as part of the lender’s internal or external audit and compliance process. We can quickly and easily review your inspections reports and provide an additional level of security. 

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