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Asset Management Products


When challenging projects require special attention, Trinity's risk management team can help get construction back on track. Our Construction Management Specialists have the expertise to consult in all areas of the construction process, from new projects to foreclosed and troubled assets.

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Trinity's Engineering services will help minimize risk when legal or structural concerns arise during construction. We contract a certified engineer to assess a property for problems and to recommend viable solutions. Each project is then viewed by our centralized Risk Management department before a final recommendation is made.

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Estimate to Complete (ETC)

Trinity can provide an estimate to complete on a partially completed construction project. This is done to determine the cost to complete or to provide recommendations such as TLC (torch, level and clear the project). Our Risk Management team reviews the plans and specifications, builder’s contract and lender’s cost breakdown. Each category is viewed in relation to the whole package for reasonability, missing funds, line items included in the appraisal but not the project budget, and unclear funds allocation across line items. A written assessment of the project assists in the lender’s disposition decision.

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Property For Sale

A borrower or homeowner may "silently" list their residential construction property for sale prior to completing construction. Trinity offers a nationwide database lookup based on property address which will verify within 72 hours the status of the property.

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Site Inspection Report (SIR)

Commercial lenders may require annual inspections and/or photos of their commercial properties as required by loan covenants to ensure the business still exists and that the property is being used as originally intended. Trinity provides interior and exterior photos. Our report details the type of building and business, its relative condition, potential environmental issues, and commentary on the area surrounding the business and its potential impact on the business.

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Troubled Asset Management

The Troubled Asset Management services provided by Trinity customizes solutions to minimize financial loss on an unfinished, non-performing new construction property. Our staff of experienced builders manages all aspects of the project’s completion to make the property ready for sale.

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