Trinity Field Services™ - Property Preservation Nationwide Service

Property Preservation Services

Trinity is a full service nationwide property preservation, REO maintenance and repair services vendor. Our services protect new construction or existing properties that have entered the default or foreclosure process. We help preserve the property from weather damage, vandalism, theft and neglect until the asset is sold or condemned.

Our process can include sending an inspector to physically review a property, making recommendations for improvements and obtaining a property preservation bid to preserve the property or complete a construction project. Our team of experienced homes builders can manage the entire project or simply preserve the property.

Trinity’s Property Preservation projects include:

  • Virtual tour of the property – Trinity360™
  • Maintaining lawn and gardens areas
  • Winterizing properties
  • Wrapping a property with moisture barrier
  • Closing windows
  • Securing pools
  • Debris removal
  • Professional clean out
  • Locking doors
  • Installing garage doors
  • Installing windows
  • Changing locks
  • Installing lockboxes with lender-specified codes
  • Maintaining/installing roofing
  • Boarding a property
  • Removing pests and insects
  • Nationwide property preservation services

Contact us to receive a sample report and learn more about these services. View also the P&P brochure for more information.

Need more assistance with a property? Trinity can also assist with an Appraisal, Broker Price Opinion, Property Information Report and Occupancy Inspection.

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