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Providing Unbiased Expertise and Guidance for Lenders’ Success

Today, investment bankers, origination lenders and private money lenders face a myriad of challenges. When navigating through the stormy waters of regulatory and compliance concerns, many organizations hit the rocks, so they must cleverly chart their course, managing the valuation of properties, in-house appraisals and large appraisal panels. This arrangement creates enormous complexities, including excessive staffing support, scheduling requirements, and extreme communication issues.

Let Trinity show you the ropes and help you stay afloat by transforming the way you manage your residential new construction and renovation appraisal process. We understand your challenges – and we’ll make sure you are shipshape – putting our knowledge to work for you.

Providing Extensive Appraisal Expertise

As an Appraisal Management Company (AMC), Trinity’s team takes the mystery out of real estate valuation by guiding customers through the most accurate, compliant and reliable processes. With over 15 years’ experience, we serve our customers nationwide with comprehensive industry experience that safeguards our clients.

Our broad portfolio of Trinity Appraisal Services includes:

Appraisal Update Appraisal Update
Completion Report

Reassesses a property's value against current market and verifies that construction is complete.

BPO Broker Price Opinion

Estimates the selling price of a property for lenders using comparable neighborhood conditions and properties.

Condo Unit Condominium Unit
Appraisal Report

Provides an appraisal of a unit within a condominium project or planned development (both internally and externally)

BPO Exterior Appraisal Report

Offers an appraisal of a one-unit property based on an external inspection of the subject property from the street.

Ext Condo Unit Exterior Condominium
Unit Appraisal Report

Appraises a condominium unit project or planned unit development based on an exterior inspection of the property.

Field Review Field Review Report
Single Family

Prepares a spot check on an existing appraisal to determine the accuracy of the report.

Field Review Multi Unit Field Review Report
Two to Four Units

Provides a surprise review and accuracy check for a two-to-four unit property in order to verify accuracy.

Individual Income Individual Income
Property Appraisal Report

Offers an appraisal of a two-to-four unit property utilizing Fannie Mae 1025 or Freddie Mac 72 forms

Land Land Appraisal Report 1004D

Analyzes and provides an appraisal of a vacant lot from the street level.

Manufactured Home Appraisal Report Manufactured Home Appraisal Report

Creates report to appraise a one-unit manufactured home including an interior and exterior inspection of the property.

Land Uniform Residential
Appraisal Report 1004D

Estimates the market value of a property through both interior and exterior inspections as compared to other properties.

Let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for you today.

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