Trinity Real Estate SolutionsĀ® - Technology


Reliability and usability drive our technology platform. By investing in the latest business process automation, Trinity has created a flexible network service that fulfills our customers' stringent quality and security requirements. From website to XML integration and from customized process solutions to collaborative customer service, we truly serve our customers with technology.

Trinity utilizes an internet platform supported by a SQL database for ease of use and integration. Our partnership and integration with construction management and order processing software affords each customer ease of ordering and receiving inspection reports. Additionally, our system can work in conjunction or independent of any existing network.

Since its inception, Trinity’s website uptime performance has been over 99.99%, which is compliant with Six Sigma standards.  Our data security and business resumption plans compare with some of the largest corporations in America. Our servers are housed in a category 5 tornado-proof facility with continuous Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), two power generators and multiple utility power grids to ensure uninterrupted operations. Access to our servers is highly secure and meets SSEA No. 16. Transactions are processed over secure web transmission. Trinity also supports various encrypted email systems, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Outlook, and maintains strict adherence to all governmental regulation regarding confidentiality and security measures, such as GLBA.

TrinityOnline® is a registered trademark of Trinity Real Estate Solutions, Inc.

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