Construction Software (Built)

Simplifying the Construction Lending Process

Today, construction lenders face increased regulations, rising interest rates and a host of other challenging obstacles. This complicated maze of moving parts causes lenders to seek inventive strategies to simplify their processes, boost profitability and reduce risk.

A Game Changing Alliance

Understanding lenders’ concerns, Trinity and Built Technologies joined forces to provide a powerful solution that makes managing construction loans easy. Providing a fully integrated solution, Trinity’s extensive and nationwide service portfolio and Built’s web-based digital draw management software offers customers the flexibility and ease-of-use to quickly and accurately complete draw inspections.

Take Advantage of the Combined Power – Integrated and Seamless

Trinity understands your unique challenges inside and out. Led by a team of accomplished and expert former builders, we use a wide array of tried-and-true solutions and services – from construction draw inspections to construction software to feasibility assessments to budget reviews – all designed for the precise and full completion of the project, on time and within budget.

Joint Benefits:

  • Provides one-click draw process for faster turnaround times
  • Complete loan portfolio visibility with the combined solution
  • Offers increase efficiencies outside a client’s core offering and portfolio
  • Connects parties to provide complete transparency in real-time

From pre-closing due diligence to post closing administration to completion of the full inspection process, Trinity and Built have you covered.

If you have questions or are ready to start implementing solutions for your construction lending program, let’s connect! We look forward to speaking with you.

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